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"Live Action Escape!" is the name of the game. You and your teammates will be trapped in a room to navigate through a challenging mission and find the exit to a successful escape.  

Escape Rooms


The saga continues!  After being caught and placed in Azkaban, The Dark Wizard revealed (under wizard interrogation) that he knows the location of a dark red skull with unimaginable power, which was stolen from the Ministry of Magic's vault of dangerous objects.  Well, let's see if you muggles can find where he hid the red skull.  It won't be easy! Beat the clock, or the spell will take all the oxygen out of the room.

2 - 10 Participants

($26 per person + tax)

Can you imagine interdimensional creatures roaming around the earth? Soon you will be entering a secret laboratory, a place scientists test human's special abilities.  A doorway to another dimension was accidently opened by one of the test subjects during trials. You have 60 minutes to save the victims, your team, and close the doorway forever.   

2 - 8 Participants


($26 per person + tax)

Zombie Attack Pic.jpg

The end is nigh! You and your teammates have stumbled into an undisclosed location in the middle of a zombie uprising. You are surrounded. There are just too many of them. There are a few obstacles your team must overcome to get to the refugee camp across the island. You must go there to be protected from these flesh-eating creatures! Can you escape the zombie uprising before time runs out? 

2 -10 Participants

($26 per person + tax)

The Jungle Pic_edited.jpg

What is happening…???  A mysterious brain disease is sweeping the nation and the whole world seems to have gone mad!  The main symptom?  Fighting with strangers on the internet!  It seems no one is safe from this brain disease!

The good news:  Your friend Professor Flora has found the antidote, deep in the heart of the Amazon jungle.  The bad news:  She has gone missing and now it is up to you to find the antidote she left behind… before you catch the disease too!

2 - 8 Participants


($26 per person + tax)

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