"Live Action Escape!" is the name of the game. You and your teammates will be trapped in a room to navigate through a challenging mission and find the exit to a successful escape.  

Escape Rooms

Break the Spell.jpg

Break The Spell

The saga continues!  After being caught and placed in Azkaban, The Dark Wizard revealed (under wizard interrogation) that he knows the location of a dark red skull with unimaginable power, which was stolen from the Ministry of Magic's vault of dangerous objects.  Well, let's see if you muggles can find where he hid the red skull.  It won't be easy! Beat the clock, or the spell will take all the oxygen out of the room.

($26 per person + tax)

The Waking Dead 2.jpg

The Waking Dead

“You’ve picked a once in a lifetime trip that provided you with the most unique and mind-blowing experiences. Mind-blowing alright!” You and your teammates are stepping into a zombie apocalypse world.  The living dead have taken over the city. It has become your responsibility to save mankind from total destruction! 

($26 per person + tax)

Experiments In Time Pic 1.jpg

The Hidden Cellar Mystery

Experiments In Time

Help! We are being haunted by a ghost who keeps leaving messages in our great grandfather's old cellar.  We are not sure what he is trying to say. Can you help us decipher them?  Join the paranormal investigation team to find clues and reveal the "Mystery of The Hidden Cellar".

($26 per person + tax)

Can you imagine interdimensional monsters roaming the earth. Soon you will be entering a secret laboratory, a place where scientists use humans to complete experiments in order to open a gate between secret dimensions that will allow supernatural creatures enter our world.  You and your teammates will soon become victims of the lab experiment.  It will be your mission to save yourselves and the rest of mankind. 

($26 per person + tax)